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Title: ERØTICA  [link to work]
concept & music & programming: Károly Tóth
software-art installation for large projection
sound: stereo
16,2 MB
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ERØTICA (machinima movie) is a real time 3d environment, using the virtools game engine, showing a short black&white low resolution video loop of a person's head who is having s3xual pleasure. The environment generates light particles in real time, which burns traces of light on the face of the person. The bouncing of the light particles is controlling the speed of the movie loop. It goes sometimes pretty wild, sometimes it stops for seconds, creating an ever changing pace as the light caressing and fondling the face. The combination of the sound of the bouncing particles and the background sound creates an uncanny ambiance.

This work needs a plug-in to download.
For further information for show setting, see the subission text (PDF)
Plugin installation starts AUTOMATICALLY.
Plug-in size: cca. 1.5 Mb

player website: >> go to support

Contact / info:
Karoly Toth
mobile phone: m: +31 (0)6 48 19 69 79
street: Gedempte Zalmhaven 923
zip code 3011 BT
city: Rotterdam
country: The Netherlands