erøtica (2005)
programming /music: zeroglab (Karoly Toth)
technique: software-art, virtools 3d game engine, sampleing, trash porn video
size: 16MB

  1. Play it full screen! (right mouse click on applet to adjust mode)
  2. Push ESC to stop full screen mode.
  3. Best viewed as a large projection, this work is not intended to be shown on a monitor. however, it also goes...
  4. This work is tested only with ms internet explorer on win98 & win2000 & windows xp. do not use firefox, etc. It should work on Mac as well, but i do not know how.
  5. Please UNABLE popup blocking for this page if you see this picture at the top of your window, or if you have other pop-up blockers, like yahoo, google, etc...
  6. Right click on the application below to adjust settings, like DirectX, size, etc.
  7. Recommended resolution 1024x768 or 800x600.
  8. This page makes an attempt to download the plug-in for the application from the Internet.
    Then it is downloading the artwork. It may take a while with a slow connection. The work is cca. 16MB. The plugin is 1,5MB.
  9. Player website:  >> go to support