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1. Artpool Art Research Institute

2 . www.octogon.hu Octogon architecture and design magazine, printed edition, 2006

Short description:

Title: The New Hungarian Parliament Building
Architect: Károly Tóth (ZEROGLAB Rotterdam)
Location: Kossuth Ter, Budapest, HU

First sketches are made in 2003.
First publication by Artpool.hu Budapest.

Realisation: in 2030

Technique: The body is created by boolean logical intersection of a red and a white metaball swarm. Te metaball algorithm helps to visualize weightless, point like energy fields and interactions of fluid substances.

Keywords: parliament, zeroglab, karoly toth, e-politcs, 3dsmax, fun-fair, noise, hungarian, shopping center, architecture, uberground, rotterdam, budapest, rollercoaster, energy fields, consensus, pato pal? (sic), hug (szentjobi / stauby)

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The Building:

The old parliament building on the Kossuth tér must be disassembled, stone by stone. The building stones should be numbered and taken to Zanzibar or Madagascar for preservation. German archeologists could do an excellent work. It must be rebuild in Zanzibar or Madagascar.
There should come a new, multifunctional building on the location of the old parliament.
It should function as a shopping mall, fun-fair and politican nerve center.

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view from the Donau view from the Donau view from above rear view rollercoaster political facility ordening topological principles

Along the edges of the surface of the building there is a functioning rollercoaster (the black and white band on the picture). The train makes a full loop, partly underground.

The hall is a container of several upstanding and levitating buldings with specific designated functions. The setup and the arrangement should ensure that it becomes impossible for the elected representatives and the people whom they represen, to evade mutual visual and physical contact.

In the
red-white hall there is a "Wailing Wall", a huge touchscreen of cca. 30x8 meters. Its purpose is to aid and stimulate the bi-directional communication between politicians and the people whom they represent.

The Parliament building is equipped with a track & trace system which follows the physical movement of the elected representatives of Hungary and rendering it in real time on the "Wailing Wall". The state of public affairs becomes also traceable and transparent through the wall.

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Karoly Toth, 2006, zeroglab rotterdam-budapest