Please use headphone if possible! Or good sound gear.

  1. The Fall of Casablanca, 2006 - 2007  music sheet for a dance piece (flash, 5 min)
    in collaboration with Thomas Körtvélyessy
    (Reàl Dance Company - Rotterdam)


  2. "This Is A Dangerous Group Uh Groups That We're Dealing With Now"
    Part One (33:07)
    Part Two

    Live concert recording of 'Not Necessary Music #3'
    at the Poortgebouw in Rotterdam on 3 March 2007
    during the moon eclipse

    Pierre Bastien  pocket trumpet, tiny instrument, sometimes filled with red wine
    Joe Monk [The Monx]  soprano saxophone, b-flat clarinet, little instruments
    Vanita Monk [The Monx]  voice, keyboard, electronics
    Károly Tóth [ZEROGLAB] laptop (Granular synthesis, Fruity Loops, Rebirth)

  3. Euroshower, 2007 (@rt-Pørn, 2 min, flash + sound)  
  4. H-Error (mp3) (2000)
    text: HAL9000 + recordings of Tampa (FL, US) police scanners on the day the court has decided that George W. Bush will be the 43rd president of the U.S.A.